10 December 2010

Apologies for M.I.A

Hello! It’s been awhile. I’ve been completely sidetracked by another personal project. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I wrote on this blog. My apologies.

If in any case anyone misses me here and is wondering why I’m not writing at all, do head over to my Polyvore site ‘cause despite being busy I do steal a few moments to create sets there. I find the exercise therapeutic. I love putting together outfits, getting my creative juices going, and—well, there’s instant gratification in the result, seeing the bits come together as a whole outfit. I know, I’m admitting it, I’m getting quite Polyvore-holic. Heehee.

But do drop by there. I’d love to hear what you think about my sets. Bu-bye for now. Hope to see you on the other side, my Polyvore site that is. Enjoy your day, lovelies! :)

All the best,

12 November 2010

Maternity Abaya

I have been making sets at Polyvore today while watching my daughter play, and by the end of my "creative session" I was thinking about abayas. Why? Because I haven't created anything featuring abayas which is a signature look for Muslim women in the Arab world and a definite favorite of many hijabis even in the non-Arab world. Why again? Because I don't know much about wearing abayas, though I do own one, a gift from my sister-in-law. In my side of the world, Southeast Asia that is, it is not very common for Muslim women to wear abaya. Hijabis here don a more colorful version of covering up.

So, I surfed for awhile for abayas, re-checking the online abaya shops I have listed in the online shopping sites page of this blog, re-admiring many of the really fabulous creations from abaya specialty boutiques. I know I wouldn't feel any less fashionable if I'm wrapped in one of these. But what really caught my eye is this maternity abaya offered at Aab named Blackberries Wrap.

No, I'm not expecting. But this abaya is just the prettiest maternity abaya I have seen so far. It's simple. It's flowy and feminine. It's definitely fashionable. And I love that flower accent on the right shoulder! It also looks like you can wear it through the length of pregnancy and even beyond. What do you think?

10 November 2010

What is Polyvore? Why do Polyvore?

I got completely hooked with Polyvore the past week or so while setting up this blog, that now I thought it deserves a few words before I talk of other things. So, what is Polyvore? Why do Polyvore?

Polyvore is a lot of things. It's a resource for fashion trends and style advice. It's an online store for everything relating to fashion and style. And, it's a blogging community for fashion enthusiasts from all walks of life, from all kinds of fashion inclinations.

It is the third aspect that I find really interesting because it allows a member to put together outfits however one likes, for whatever occasions one can think of. One can be as experimental, as outrageous, as flamboyant as one likes to be. And the best part? All that within one's comfort zone.

I'd like to think of this Polyvore exercise as educational for one in search of personal style. One can test the waters of one's own fashion inclinations, in concept, before plunging right in for real. One can make as many fashion "uh-ohs" as one dares to do, and no one would really mind--no nasty jokes to hear. And who knows, maybe one will find someone with the same fashion "uh-ohs" and the two of them can start a trend. It's possible in Polyvore.

On another level, Polyvore allows a fantasy, a whim, an escape. Without costing anything. It allows one to try the fanciest of dresses, the highest of high heels, the loveliest of bags, the costliest jewelry and other trinkets, and many more. All virtually, of course. With a single drag of the mouse, one can have anything and everything one desires, prettily arranged in one's collections. There is no one to say a Valentino gown is not part of one's lifestyle. Nor is there anyone to say a Manolo Blahnik, a Christian Louboutin, or a Jimmy Choo is beyond one's economic reach.

I found on Polyvore many other Muslim girls interested in fashion and style. For this, Polyvore is even more exciting for me. Some are firmly asserting traditional Islamic hijab, some are mixing and matching, traversing a middle way, while some are opting for modest yet relaxed look. But all are definitely blazing a trend, putting Islamic fashion and style on the map so to speak, for everyone to see. Checking the sets and collections of Muslim girls on Polyvore, one gets to see that there is no single "Muslim look." There is variety and richness in Islamic fashion and style.

Hmm... describe Polyvore in one word? I can really only think of one. FUN. Yes, Polyvore is fun.

08 November 2010

Multiple Looks with Bootcut Jeans

I love bootcut jeans. All the blue jeans I own, at the moment, are in bootcut style. I read recently that bootcut style is considered a classic in jeanswear. It's because it's an easy style to wear, it flatters almost everyone regardless of body shape.

So, last night, I was thinking how versatile could bootcut jeans be. I started tinkering with Polyvore, putting together a set of looks that feature blue bootcut jeans. Here's what I came up with. Hope this could provide some fashion inspiration.

All the best,