12 November 2010

Maternity Abaya

I have been making sets at Polyvore today while watching my daughter play, and by the end of my "creative session" I was thinking about abayas. Why? Because I haven't created anything featuring abayas which is a signature look for Muslim women in the Arab world and a definite favorite of many hijabis even in the non-Arab world. Why again? Because I don't know much about wearing abayas, though I do own one, a gift from my sister-in-law. In my side of the world, Southeast Asia that is, it is not very common for Muslim women to wear abaya. Hijabis here don a more colorful version of covering up.

So, I surfed for awhile for abayas, re-checking the online abaya shops I have listed in the online shopping sites page of this blog, re-admiring many of the really fabulous creations from abaya specialty boutiques. I know I wouldn't feel any less fashionable if I'm wrapped in one of these. But what really caught my eye is this maternity abaya offered at Aab named Blackberries Wrap.

No, I'm not expecting. But this abaya is just the prettiest maternity abaya I have seen so far. It's simple. It's flowy and feminine. It's definitely fashionable. And I love that flower accent on the right shoulder! It also looks like you can wear it through the length of pregnancy and even beyond. What do you think?

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