Me and This Blog

Photo courtesy of Our Surprising World
My name is Ayesha. I was raised a conservative Christian, but I reverted to Islam some 6 years back. I’m alhamdullilah happily married, and a stay-at-home mommy to a pretty little girl.

Among other things, I’m someone who loves reading about fashion, design, style, and beauty in general. I find these topics fun—and who doesn’t want to learn how to be stylish and fabulous anyway? Back when I was a Christian, I had found it hard to follow fashion trends for one reason or another. But I had always wanted to become someone stylish, to someday capture what the French call “chic,” an effortless style and elegance. When I reverted to Islam and decided to don hijab, being stylish became even more of a challenge. As I struggled to learn how to wear a scarf, I was tormented even more by the question “What can I wear?”  

I’ve always believed that dressing modestly doesn’t have to mean looking frumpy and boring. Loose-fitting, fully-covering clothes don’t have to look unelegant and unstylish. So began my quest for the “Islamic chic.”

Now, 6 years hence, I’ve decided to put together in this blog bits and pieces of what I’ve encountered along the way in terms of Islamic fashion and style. I’ve had many teachers—other Muslim girls, directly or indirectly, books, and of course, the Internet. The Muslim world is so full of beautiful diversity where fashion and style are concerned. I hope for many more learnings and un-learnings as I continue to search for my own style. I hope that through this blog other Muslim girls who are on their own search for style will find inspiration, encouragement, and information.

So, here’s to modest fashion that is elegant and stylish. Here’s to Islamic chic.

Let’s all be a little more fabulous every day! :)