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This is a list of books I genuinely find useful where pursuit of style is concerned—some of the books I own; others I have read, borrowed from the library. Yep, I can't deny it... I'm a certified bookworm, even in matters of fashion and style! I'm sharing the list in the hope that the basic principles of style featured in the books would be of help to you, too. I'm well aware that many examples in the book do not conform to the Islamic fashion tenet, but I believe you can always take the good idea and "hijabify!" 

Have fun reading! :)



Colour Me Confident: Change Your Look—Change Your Life! by Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw, 2006.
This book discusses finding your right colors, knowing your shape to see what clothes cuts and designs flatter you, and discovering your style personality and learning how to enhance it. It also offers tips on make-up, hair, accessories, and organizing and shopping for your wardrobe. 

The Color of Style by David Zyla, 2010.
Zyla provides a color system that helps women not only understand what colors to wear, but more importantly, when to wear them. In discussing authentic style, he layouts 5 basic colors that express who you are and 3 neutral colors (your own versions) that complete your wardrobe basics. In addition, he discusses how to determine your season and your archetype to complete your style.

Foundation Garments

The Lingerie Handbook: Transform Your Body, Transform Yourself by Rebecca Apsan, 2006.
Written in a fun and engaging way, this book emphasizes the importance of lingerie as foundation for looking good in clothes, and yes, feeling good about yourself. It provides invaluable information as to how to take proper sizing of everything a woman wears underneath, not just for beauty purposes, but more importantly, for comfort, confidence, and health.

Fashion & Style General Reference

Secrets of Style: The Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Everyday by the editors of InStyle, 2005.
This book encourages you to dress for the body you got. The basic idea on style requires determining your body and facial shape (even during pregnant period) and flattering your physical features. There are "flattery charts"  for different body and facial shapes for all types of clothing and accessories. There is also a useful section devoted to care, repair, and storage. 

The New Secrets of Style: Your Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Every Day by the editors of InStyle, 2009.
This is an update of the 2005 book above. While it is very much the same as the previous edition, this new version has two added features: first, it provides a "style primer" for all types of clothing, discussing various cuts and designs available in the fashion world today; and second, it gives some visual examples on how to wear such clothing. In addition, it now devotes separate chapters for shoes, bags, and accessories, discussing their designs, materials, and use.

Expecting Style by Lauren Sara, 2003.
This is a pregnancy style book for the modern woman. With many women having careers and working outside the home, pregnancy can be a time for style challenges. This book offers advice and inspirations on how to look your best even when you have the bump. It throws ideas for wardrobe basics, dressing for daytime and for night-outs, as well as for exercise and for travel. Even better is its chart feature on different styles of shoes and how long a pregnant woman can strut in them.

Shopping & Caring for Clothes

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping & Caring for Clothing by Steve Boorstein, 2002 (1st Edition).
This book discusses how to shop for quality clothes for both women and men, and how to care and maintain these clothes. It talks about clothing basics like fabric, buttons, trims, linings, collars, cuffs, and other accessories and details. It also presents the ways to maintain and repair—highlighting first aid for stain emergencies—for special cloths like silk, satin, suede, leather, and fur. It also provides information about steaming, machine pressing, drycleaning, hand ironing, and home storage, all for the purpose of maintaining the quality and lengthening the life of clothes. 

It's Vintage, Darling!: How to be a Clothes Connoisseur by Christa Weil, 2006.
This book is one of the best reads especially if you are into vintage-shopping. It offers a wealth of information on what to look for to spot high-quality, era-defying vintage pieces. It discusses fashion eras, what kind of styles to look for, and the sought-after designers of that period. It also gives advice as to cleaning, maintenance, and even alteration of vintage pieces. 

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